"While performance and body image are very important, our health should always be a priority"

"Never be hungry, and if you don't enjoy it, don't eat it"

"Don't just start it, maintain it"

"If I was an optician I wouldn't give you my glasses, your plan has to be based around you and YOUR lifestyle"

“Slips and setbacks along the way are all part of the process, if you got a puncture you wouldn’t go slit the other three tires. We can reassess and move forward”

About Alex Neilan

I was always someone who struggled with their weight. With body image issues quickly developing at the age of sixteen, I decided enough was enough. I started to make small changes to change my life. With 24kg weight loss in just 12 months my love for exercise and nutrition soon blossomed into a career path.


My first degree consisted of learning the science behind Sport and Exercise and the fundamentals of sport performance. This sparked a voracious curiosity and passion for nutrition. After graduating with an MSc in Public Health and Nutrition and a Pg/DIP in Dietetics I gained a broad range of experience working as a registered Dietitian for the NHS. I formulated and delivered client centred programs to enable patients to achieve their goals of either losing or gaining weight while overcoming common challenges such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, coeliac disease as well as multiple food intolerances.

Sports Nutrition

Longing for bigger and broader challenges I decided to move to Canada where I worked as a Sports Nutritionist educating young sports stars the fundamentals of sports nutrition. This was truly rewarding and gave me the opportunity to work with a broad range of people and cultures and of course, with different cultures comes different dietary habits. With Sports Nutrition now being my dream career path, I enrolled in the much sought after and highly recognised Pg/DIP in Sports Nutrition developed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which is built on existing programs offered by leading Universities worldwide, but embraces an international faculty to offer a program that is said to be beyond the resources of any single institution.


Tired of pining over my favourite city, I returned to Edinburgh to work as a freelance Sports Dietitian and Personal Trainer while continuing my MSc online. I have since worked with many professional sports teams including the Scottish International wheelchair basketball team and the top premiership football club Sligo Rovers.

I offer a variety of online packages as well as one to one consultations in Puregym Exchange Cresent, https://www.puregym.com/gyms/edinburgh-exchange-crescent

Achieve your goals with small sustainable changes but most importantly, NEVER be hungry and always ENJOY your food.

Alex's Qualifications

  • International Olympic Committee MSc in Sports Nutrition – January 2016 – present
  • MSc Public Health and Nutrition – 2010
  • Pg/DIP in Dietetics – 2012
  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science – 2009
  • DIP in Sports Nutrition - 2015
  • BC’s Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Course - 2016
  • Dietitians of Canada Sports Supplements certificate - 2015
  • Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Certificate – 2015
  • Behaviour Change Training – 2014
  • NVQ2 Gym Instructor award – 2009




What my clients have to say

"I have been into fitness for roughly two years I but have never seen any major changes until now. I had such bad eating habits but I trained really hard thinking it would balance itself out but I was wrong! In just a week I've seen what eating right can do!"

"Alex’s expertise allowed me to lose the exact amount of weight necessary to make my weight category without jeopardising my energy levels or performance in the ring. He is highly qualified and helped me to make small changes I could stick to. I couldn’t recommend him enough"

"Alex tailored a food plan to suit me, in the beginning I thought I was going to always be hungry and that I wouldn't like any of the meals he had planned but it's the complete opposite! Some days I struggle to eat all 6 meals... Who would have thought!"

"Living in New York you would think I would be able to get a Dietitian and Trainer here but seeing the hard work that Alex puts in I wouldn't want anyone else! If I have any questions at all Alex is there to help before the day is out! I'm really impressed how fast he responds to the smallest things! I can't recommend him enough!"

"Amazing transformation 5 star plus all the way"

"Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in sports dietetics and weight training and a spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Alex Neilan is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He’s the real deal in an industry full of’ wannabes’ and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."

  • “I gained muscle and reduced my body fat dramatically while on a calorie deficit in just 10 weeks. This plan simply works. Alex’s determination for success in life both in and out of the gym will spill over to yours”

  • Danni

    “Alex has helped me turn my life around I lost a total 17kg on Alex’s plan and 6kg in just 4 weeks for a mixed martial arts tournament, I lost the weight safely and my performance has continue to sky rocket ever since”

  • Maria

    “I lost 9kg in 8 weeks by making some small changes that I could maintain”

  • “I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been in 15 years. After many failed attempts it is so rewarding to work with such an enthusiastic, committed and motivational trainer. I know it’s a cliche but he really does make training “Fun” ”

  • “I have trained for years but never achieved anything like what I have done with Alex, I lost 10kg in 8 weeks and finally have a six pack. His knowledge and passion for sports nutrition and personal training is endless. I cannot recommend him enough”

  • Amelia

    “I lost 6kg in 8 weeks and gained upper body strength and muscle for Tough Mudder”

  • “Alex has helped me to sustain a weight that I am truly happy. He is a pleasure to work with giving me endless enjoyment with a lot of laughter along the way, 8kg lighter and a whole lot happier”

  • My final transformation

    “I lost 7kg in 8 weeks and achieved less than 6% body fat”

    Alex himself
  • Sligo Rovers FC

    “Alex has had an invaluable influence on the players. He presented ‘The Golden Rules of Nutrition for Professional Athletes’ to the team in the first week of pre-season and provided individual follow for players who needed extra input. I believe this has helped the players develop optimal body compositions, improve energy levels and stay injury free this season”

    Sligo Rovers FC
  • “Alex was extremely informative and helpful and provided great tips for everyday training and tournaments at an elite level”

    Scottish International Wheel Chair Basketball team
  • Kat Transformation

    “I lost 15kg and I feel fantastic. My food plan was based around me, if I didn’t like a certain food I didn’t eat it. Alex would always find a suitable substitute and I genuinely looked forward to the meals and that’s why his programs work. I can’t recommend it enough.”



I believe that food should be a comfort we look forward to and enjoy. Healthy nutrition should never be associated with hunger or bland food options but with tasty and nutritious foods. Whether your goals are to tackle a Marathon or a flight of stairs or perhaps to simply feel more confident in your body, there will be an individualised, flexible and most importantly sustainable training and dietary program to suit you. My programs facilitate improved body composition as well as optimal sports performance at both amateur and elite level with health and longevity of life being at the forefront of my focus.

My training and dietary programs provide a detailed evidence-based structure to achieve your fitness goals. This involves using my dietetic skills to calculate your energy and macronutrient requirements and prescribe a daily flexible nutritional program based on your food preferences and individual goals to meet these requirements. My comprehensive training programs are tailored to your previous training experience, time and facilities available, while accommodating for current and previous injuries or muscle imbalances.

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  • Advanced client centred program
  • £295

    16 Weeks
  • For people who require extra support, have a health condition or are an elite athlete
  • Buddy personal training
  • £25 per person

  • 5 sessions minimum
  • Nutrition Seminar on a topic of your choice
  • £195

  • Delivered as a bespoke power point presentation
  • Boot camps
  • £15 per person

  • 3 people minimum
  • Lean Muscle Gain Program
  • £150

    8 Weeks
  • Gain muscle without sacrificing an athletic physique
* Instalment options also available for the larger packages


Working as a paediatric dietician has opened my eyes to a lot of suffering of innocent people – and particularly young people. What Make-A-Wish do is absolutely humbling – focusing on the quality of life rather than longevity is so important for these kids who are sick of having needles poked in them.

That was the initial snowball – but then I started going out and talking about what I was doing and I met so many people who have had wishes granted, or their boyfriend’s had a wish granted, or grandchild, or friend… Then all of a sudden I realised just how much Make-A-Wish has impacted everyone around us – and that’s when I upped the fundraising target from 10K to 20K.

When I initially spoke to Kim in the Events team she told me I could buy 25 Tough Mudder places. I had a friend with a broken leg sign up – so after that I wasn’t taking no for an answer. We filled them and bought 25 more. Probably the toughest thing was getting people to sign up – but we had a team of 64 by the time it came around in June.

We did lots of different things to raise the money – we’ve currently raised over £21,414.93



I decided to climb Arthur’s seat, a mountain in Edinburgh, every day for the month of March. This is about an hour and a half walk from my house. I did a video every day on Facebook and made an effort to speak to at least 4 people every time I made the climb. There was a laminated picture of me at the top explaining why I was doing it and people started to recognise me.


We did a couple of events at a Malone’s Irish bar, which sponsored us, in April we did a Take Me Out night and Pub Olympics.


In May I set myself the challenge to carry a 20kg kettle bell around with me every day – I named her Kelly – and even took her to a Tinder date!


I did sponsored push ups, in training I was able to do about 900, but on the day I did 1,128 – because of all the amazing support. I also did a 24 hour Make-A-Wish Fitness Medley – non-stop exercising for 24 hours – 1001 pull ups, 296km cycle, 111 min plank and 2748 push ups. That was the toughest thing I’ve ever done.


At an average cost of £3.5K per wish, Make-A-Wish UK stated that our fundraising has granted wishes to at least 6 child with life-threatening illnesses. See below for three examples of children who have directly benefitted from our efforts.

Ashlee, who is 10 years of age suffers from an inoperable brain tumour, was able to be a vet for the day, complete with cartoon scrubs and a purple stethoscope had the opportunity to treat a real St Bernard and operate on a toy dog.

Ben aged 5, from Glasgow who suffers from Leukaemia, got to be a chef for the day, was actually the foundation’s 10,000th, and he got to cook frog’s legs and snails for his family. It was a big thing for him, he was very happy.


Victoria aged 3, who also suffers from leukaemia, was probably the most moving. Her treatment means she has lost her hair, and since she said she didn’t feel very ‘girly’ her wish was to be a princess for the day.


Three other wishes included trips to Disney land for Tyler and Samantha and Demi-leigh was granted her wish of being a Micheal Kors fashion designer for the day.


The Tough Mudder event itself really brought out the best in everybody – quiet, reserved people were completely transformed by the day – pulling people out the ice bath, waiting in the rain and cold to help people over obstacles. The team was fantastic.

I’ve never experienced anything like doing this fundraising – the feeling of fulfilment and all the kind words.

Without the Tough Mudder team none of this would have been possible – they all played a big role.

I’m so grateful to everyone that so kindly supported all my personal challenges and everything that was done.

The Make-A-Wish team have been fantastic. Everyone around you will always be on your side.

I want to do it again next year – but I want a team of 100 people doing Tough Mudder – and to double my fundraising target!

Watch this space!